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A person posing as a Professor Giuseppe Macario has used to defame my exhusband and me. We have discovered several other victims.

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Myself and 4 other people are dealing with this exact same person and site. Giuseppe Macario who is also named as Antonio Russo, is an internet stalker. BEWARE.


We are addressing the very same situation! Did Giuseppe Macario contact you through LinkedIn?

Has he also attempted to extort money from you?

Owner of Giuseppe Macario also owns See the one of the court cases and the other info they have published below.

These universities are in litigation with Giuseppe Macario or Antonio Russo.

Il whois del sito riporta


to AKS #1351396

@aks Yes! The stalking for all these people came through LinkedIn and Facebook. and Giuseppe are extorting money from you as well?

Bellevue, Washington, United States #1350857

A person going by the name of Giuseppe Macario is using to conduct criminal activity and has been cited for numerous defamatory posts primarily victimizing women and universities. Have any other women and universities come forward with cases of extortion?

Listed within established Italian news publications, articles about the scam have been posting since May 2017.

The articles identify the owner of as Giuseppe Macario. The articles cite for illegally ranking its content on a real Swiss news site Giuseppe Macario claims to have graduated from Princeton and MIT. Princeton and MIT have no records of Giuseppe Macario. Giuseppe Macario claims that he works at University of the People in California.

The university published that Giuseppe Macario was never employed. Giuseppe Macario participated as a computer science guest professor for one month in 2015 until his doctored credentials were exposed.

He hides behind a series of self-created, free, online biographies to push down reports of his criminal activity.

Italian News Sources Giuseppe Macario Profiles

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